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worlds highest human tower and jump in the pool

worlds highest human tower and jump in the pool


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WORLD'S HIGHEST SLIDE!!!! I WENT DOWN! (not clickbait)

CHAPTER 49: https://youtu.be/I_b7POvT-NU HOLY CRAP THAT WAS SKETCHY BUT SICK! Sorry for falling asleep! LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! SEE YOU TOMORROW! (wow that was a lot of capital letters)...

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GoPro Awards: Worlds Highest Rock Climbing Wall

Climbers Daniel Krug, Hank Caylor, and Max Fanning climb the world's highest climbing wall, suspended underneath a hot air balloon at 4000ft. Check out more from Denver Climbing Company:...

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The world's highest and longest glass bridge opens

The six-meter wide bridge stretches 430 meters over a 300-meter-deep valley between two cliffs. Visitors reportedly lined up for hours to cross.

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The World's Tallest Man Meets World's Smallest: 2015

The world's tallest man Sultan Kosen meets the world's smallest Chandra Bahadur Dangi, in London for the Guinness World Records 60th birthday and a cup of tea! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for...

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dont skip leg day MY INSTAGRAM: ( @spencerbarton_ ) https://www.instagram.com/spencerbarton_/ Download ETN: https://www.etnlive.com.

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Climbing the world's tallest Radio Tower

This is video of a technician climbing 1768 feet to the top of a transmissions tower, for repairs. Truly scary.

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The World's Highest And Longest Glass Bridge - Amazing Places

Look away now if you're afraid of heights. At 430 meters long and a staggering 300 meters above the ground, this is the longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in the world - located in...

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The worlds' highest running race - 222km at altitude, non stop in the Himalayas

Lisa Tamati takes you on a Himalayan adventure. The worlds' highest running race - known as La Ultra - The High is a 222km non stop running race over the two highest motorable mountain passes...

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World's Highest Tides

The Bay of Fundy is Canada's finalist in the prestigious global campaign to declare the New7Wonders of Nature and you can help! The top seven will be determined by popular vote and announced...

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World's Largest, Highest, Tallest, Biggest ....

WORLD'S Largest, Highest, Tallest, Biggest ...... UPDATE YOUR GENERAL KNOWLEDGE World's Fastest Bird - Peregrine falcon World's Largest Bird - Ostrich World's Smallest Bird - Bee Humming...

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World's Highest Staircase - 4444 Steps in Florli | Treader Tube

What I thought would be a boring video was actually full of unexpected adventure! Have you done these steps? What was your experience? Comment below. See more pics on instagram: @mrtomreader...

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Take a virtual ride on the world’s tallest roller coaster

Think you got the chops to handle it? This 570-foot tall vertical roller coaster will beat out competition for the tallest when it opens in Orlando in 2016.

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World's Biggest Swing - Nevis Swing New Zealand

A 120 km/hr ride on the world's biggest swing in New Zealand. The Nevis Swing. 300 m arc, 120 m (393ft) drop, 160 m above the river. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more fun videos including...

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Construction of World's Highest Railway Bridge!! Chenab River Bridge (Kashmir)! AFCONS' Documentary!


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My name is Calen Chan, and this is a FULL POV RUN of the Skyladder Parkour course at Tianmen Mountain in China! I had the wonderful opportunity to come and play here at this beautiful location...

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World's Highest Shallow Dive - Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary

Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/subscribetoGWR Professor Splash (aka Darren Taylor) takes the plunge and executes the highest shallow dive from 11.56m (37ft 11in) into just 12 inches of...

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1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS. World's highest resolution video surveillance platform by DARPA

1 million terabytes a day saved forever. The ARGUS array is made up of several cameras and other types of imaging systems. The output of the imaging system is used to create extremely large,...

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The World’s Highest Resolution Electron Microscope - Hitachi

Hitachi developed the “Atomic-resolution holography electron microscope” and achieved the world's highest resolution. By being able to see the world at the atomic level, it became possible...

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World’s highest voltage transmission project completed in China

The world's first 1100-kV UHVDC (ultra high voltage direct current) transmission line took final shape on Sunday as the last large-span tower was completed over the Yangtze River in east China's...

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World's Highest Swing Ride

Elevated swing lovers will be delighted with a new attraction at the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park in Arlington. Called the Texas SkyScreamer, it stands 400 feet tall. Theme park rides...

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The World's 14 Highest Mountain Peaks

The Fourteen Highest Mountains in the World.

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World's Highest BASE Jump - Flying from Mt. Everest

CLICK to see this insanely fun BASE jump: http://win.gs/DreamJumpTower Click to watch the FULL STORY: http://youtu.be/h_k8LsJDGlM Nearly 60 years to the day after the first ascent up Mount...

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Top 10 World's Highest Paid Actors in 2017

Top 10 World's Highest Paid Actors in 2017 The World's Highest Paid Actors 2017 Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities List --- World's highest paid actor in Forbes list for 2017 1. Mark Wahlberg...

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World's highest bridge opens to traffic in southwest China

Guizhou Province in southwest China is already home to seven of the 10 highest bridges in the country. And the Beipanjiang Bridge, the world's highest, has just opened to traffic. Clearly...

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World's highest power pylon stands tall in China

29 October 2012 A giant power supply pylon, believed to be the world's tallest, has recently been completed in China's Anhui Province, standing at an impressive 277.5 metres high. Part...

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Abandoned Railroad and World's Highest Wooden Railroad Trestle

Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #190 Exploring an old abandoned rail line and commuter train in the desert east of San Diego, just a few miles north of the Mexican border...ending up at the...

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Window cleaning the world's tallest building - Supersized Earth - Episode 1 - BBC One

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0115wg9 The world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, has the world's highest windows. Dallas joins the team whose heart-stopping job it is to clean them.

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The World's Highest-Paid Actors (2016) | Forbes

No spoilers here, you're going to have to watch to find out! Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.youtube.com/user/Forbes?sub_confirmation=1 Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: http://fb.com/forbes...

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Worlds Highest SCAD Freefall (UNEDITED) (HD)

The World's HIGHEST and first SCAD Freefall inside a Cooling Tower at Orlando Towers, Johannesburg (Soweto), South Africa (SCAD = Suspended Catch Air Device) SCAD diving is similar to bungee...

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World's Tallest Climbing Wall

The tower called 'The Excalibur' is the world's tallest climbing wall. Located in Groningen, The Netherlands, the vertical structure stands 121 feet high. Climbing is a popular hobby among...

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